Trump Russia fiction and Neo-McCarythism

For at least an entire year now, media has been obsessed with the alleged Russian influencing of the #2016 election.  Does the Trump Russia connection really exist?

This mysterious and elusive Russian or group of Russians allegedly turned the tide of votes in Trump’s favor. They did so by hacking voting systems, thus they somehow interfered. Or they hacked the DNC, exposing the crimes of Hillary Clinton, and leaked the info to Wikileaks. Or there was “collusion” between the Trump administration and some shadowy figures over there in Russia. No, wait, those same shadowy figures created fake Twitter bots and purchased advertisements on Facebook that somehow convinced people to vote for Trump.  Trump Russia connections are all around us.  The following comes from a Time article with the ridiculous and hysterical title, “Trump’s many many many many ties to Russia” From Time:

Russian intelligence agencies have allegedly recently digitally broken into four different American organizations that are affiliated either with Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Party since late May. All of the hacks appear designed to benefit Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations in one fashion or another.

What was it again?

Can you remember exactly what “they” did? Has it ever been articulated just who “they” are? Is there any evidence that anything like this ever really happened?

The short answer to all the above is no. None of it has any factual basis in reality. The entire drama has been created out of thin air.  The Trump Russia meme holds no weight.

To be sure, this is not an endorsement for the Trump administration, although it will surely be interpreted as such by those caught up in dichotomous thinking. More than anything else, this is an indictment of the most influential media channels in America today. Forging month’s worth of news coverage from pure and utter fiction is shameful at best. To this day, not a single shred of evidence has ever been presented to substantiate any of the outrageous claims that have been made. No proof exists that Russia had anything to do with the 2016 election. Founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange has joked about the state of Western journalism in 2017:

And this has nothing to do with any Russian citizen or politician. The entire narrative somehow assumes that Russia and America are adversaries. Why should this be the case? No legitimate reason exists.

A whole lot of nothing

I’m not defending Trump, or Russia, or any person or group. I’m simply pointing out that so many countless hours of media coverage have been devoted to something that doesn’t exist. It’s as if a major portion of the Western world has been transfixed upon an empty stage with no actors, watching with anticipation and curiosity as nothing happens. And all who witness this empty stage have recalled it to be a performance of something grand and told all their friends about it.

Perhaps I should create a play or musical about nothing, starring no one. I will create buzz by declaring that Russia plans to interfere in the production of this play. If this idea gets traction as the “Trump-Russia collusion 2016 election meddling” meme has, my play will prove to be the most profitable theatrical production in recorded history.


Vegas Shooting and the Coming Restrictions on Freedom

Three weeks prior to the largest mass shooting in American history, a mysterious thread on one of the Internet’s largest messaging boards appears to have foreshadowed the event. allows users to post anonymously. The user, who referred to himself as “John”, somehow seemed to have known in advance that a violent event involving large numbers of people was imminent within Las Vegas.  Did he have foreknowledge of the Vegas shooting?

He warned people who live in Vegas to stay inside and avoid large groups. He seems to have believed that something would happen on Sept.11th or soon thereafter. How could anyone know this unless the event was planned and coordinated in advance? Was this yet another false flag to justify further increases in security and decreases in freedom?  Is this an indication that the coming economic crisis draws nearer?

I recommend reading the threads in detail. They describe the true motives behind the Vegas shooting. There are people who stand to profit from this if new laws end up being passed as a result.

Other ominous warnings, unanswered questions

In addition, someone else apparently unconnected to the alleged shooter also had foreknowledge of the violence. Sky News reports that 45 minutes prior to the first shots ringing out, a woman walked through the crowd saying “you’re all going to die tonight”. She was later escorted off the premises by security.

There is a host of unanswered questions regarding the Vegas shooting. Images clearly show two windows being broken. The windows appear ten rooms apart. Police scanner audio indicates that law enforcement saw at least two shooters, which corroborates the audio recordings of multiple weapons firing simultaneously. Why did it take police 72 minutes to find the alleged shooter? The suspect has been widely reported as taking his own life. Yet why does CBS report that a veteran led the police to him, saying that they “took him out”? How does someone smuggle twenty-three large rifles with a thousand rounds of ammo into a hotel room without anyone noticing the extra luggage? Why have we not yet seen any video from inside Mandalay Bay? The list goes on.

Such a high casualty event necessitates extensive planning and training. There is no possible way that one lone lunatic somehow smuggled 23 rifles into Mandalay Bay and let off over 600 rounds within 9 minutes killing 59 people.

Vegas shooting used by some to promote political agendas

As happens all too often after such tragedies, politicians and others immediately began exploiting the incident to push their own personal agendas. Within less than twenty-four hours of the last shots being fired, Hillary Clinton and others were calling for gun control. Late Night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert echoed similar sentiments. Why do these people not speak out regarding the violence that occurs on a regular basis in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, etc.?

Media and “alt media” psychological operations

Within hours of the Vegas shooting, Alex Jones and his Infowars team began reporting about the conspiratorial aspects of the event.

One needs only to have scrolled through the hashtag on Twitter #alexjones during Monday afternoon to see the scores of news outlets that immediately began tweeting the “conspiracy theories” of Jones and his followers. It’s as if a mockingbird sang a sweet song of a ludicrous nature that got picked up by other mockingbirds. They all joined in a chorus of the mockery of Jones, and by extension anyone else who questions anything about the official narrative of events.

What does all of this accomplish? One thing in particular: anyone who questions the official narrative becomes associated with these questionable characters, and therefore is seen in a similar light. All dialogue around anything related gets shut down by the many masses of people tuned into the mainstream matrix.

In addition, it plays right into the divide and conquer strategy being deployed on so many levels at present. Jones and his followers also continue to promote the baseless idea that the shooter had Antifa literature in his room.   But wait, wasn’t this a false flag perpetrated by someone other than the shooter? Such glaring inconsistencies make it difficult to take this joker seriously.


All indications are that the Vegas shooting was a false flag carried out by black ops agents of some sort. Who carried it out is not as important as what it will be used to justify.

It will be used as an excuse to increase security protocol and infringe upon our freedoms. Metal detectors and X-ray imaging machines and the like will become mandatory in public places. Everywhere you go may soon resemble airport security.

Already, the Rose Bowl is seeing massive amounts of security -in response to what, exactly? If the shooter indeed acted alone, and had no obvious motive, what need exists for increased security at all? If one assumes the official narrative is true, then the actions being presented as a solution to or response of this attack do not make any sense.

This is nothing more than another giant leap forward into a police state. The terrible tragedy is already being exploited to that end. We must stop giving in to this fear. How can the public allow themselves to be manipulated to this extreme?

Of course, mainstream news has begun to show all of the false flag mass shooting of recent years in succession, implying that “something must be done”. “How can we continue to do nothing?” they ask, either directly or implicitly. As if anything can be done in the first place, other than limiting freedoms.

That may be the easiest way to distinguish these false flags from genuine, spontaneous acts of violence and terror. When it was planned and coordinated by the power structure, calls for more laws and regulation and pleas to “do something” immediately follow the incident. Meanwhile, people get shot and killed day after day in large metropolitan areas (and other areas) and no one says anything at all.

My next post will cover the police scanner broadcast in detail. There are many shocking details revealed within. Evidence exists there that proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the official narrative has no basis in reality. More to come on that later.

Real people died and were injured in the Vegas shooting. Let us pray for the victims and their families. We owe it to them to ask the hard questions, investigate the evidence, and get to the bottom of things.

Cycles of Crises and Contraction: Astrology

In Cosmos & Psyche, philosopher and cultural historian Richard Tarnas paints a provocative picture of history in an untraditional context: the context of planetary alignments. The entire 500-page book focuses on just a few local alignments within our solar system. By examining their timing and relevant historical happenings, Tarnas provides compelling evidence for his amazing assertions regarding astrology.

Not Your Typical Concept

To be clear, the term “astrology” itself has misleading connotations. It tends to conjure images of horoscopes, crystal balls, and arbitrary star interpretations. This is the pop culture form of the term that serves to discredit and condemn any rational inquiry into such matters (interesting how so many areas of new thought seem to be shutdown outright due to some kind of cultural programming – who knows what kind of new fields of knowledge will never be discovered due to such unchanging biases?). So it’s safe to assume most will have stopped reading this by the end of the first paragraph. Be that as it may, much can be learned from gaining an understanding of the concept of astrology. Real, true astrological forecasting, which is not forecasting at all, but rather an approximation of what types of events become more likely to unfold at certain points in space-time.

That last point is an important one. In describing astrological approximations, it must be noted that in no way does this interfere with the doctrine of free will. It merely places restrictions upon it. While certain themes permeate our consciousness at certain times relative to the position of the planets and stars, the way these themes manifest always has to do with our choices as individuals and as a collective.

For a deeper understanding of these ideas one must read the work of Tarnas in its entirety. For our purposes here, however, we’re only concerned with one specific planetary alignment and its potential implications for the immediate future.

The alignment in question is that of Saturn-Pluto. Pluto represents the underworld – intense, titanic forces of upheaval. It tends to amplify whatever effect it finds itself juxtaposed against. Saturn represents trials and tribulations, crises and contractions. These representations derive from the corresponding character of the Greek god associated with each planet. This is not to say that the entire focus here is a fallacy based on Greek mythology, but rather that Greek mythology provides a useful fulcrum point from which to understand this hidden aspect of reality. It stands to reason that the ancient Greeks may have been aware of astrology dimensions that have so far escaped the modern consciousness.

Parallel Universes

The whole astrological hypothesis can be made more real in the context of recent scientific discoveries suggesting the existence of alternate dimensions, or parallel universes as they are often referred to.  For more on this subject, see Our Invisible Bodies: Scientific Evidence for Subtle Bodies by Jay Alfred.

It appears as though the influence of astral (note the root ‘astr’ also in astrology) bodies upon the consciousness somehow occurs either through one of these universes in particular, through multiplicities of them, or perhaps arises as a result of some dynamic interaction between them. The exact mechanism is beyond our comprehension for now, but the relevance to our present period need not be.

Back to Saturn-Pluto. Saturn-Pluto alignments are associated with crises & contractions. For example, the most recent Saturn-Pluto alignments occurred from 2008-2011 and 2001-2004. Observers of economics often note that financial downturns tend to occur about seven years apart.  This is not a coincidence. What they are really remarking on is the Saturn-Pluto cycle, which occurs more or less every seven years. 2008 saw the most epic financial collapse in modern history, and 2011 was punctuated with the “debt-ceiling debacle”, where the American government nearly failed to meet its debt-based financial obligations. 2001 saw the false flag event on September 11th in addition to the bursting of the dotcom stock bubble.

The next alignment begins in 2018 and extends into 2021. These cycles have common themes among them. They also tend to revisit issues that occurred during previous cycles. This time around, we can expect to see the most epic debt bubble in history burst along with the breakout of WWIII. The events during the previous two cycles set in motion what will transpire during the next. Increasing environmental catastrophes are also a surety.

Time Will Tell

In short, everything in this universe moves in cycles. The longest of all galactic cycles for our planet reset in 2012. It’s difficult to deny that this cycle appears to be off to a terrible start. Perhaps life on the planet will reset as well. Given that close to 300 species go extinct each day, it’s hard to argue otherwise. We are in the midst of Earth’s sixth mass extinction event. I have written these things here as a reminder of what will definitely occur at some point. While it’s more likely to happen during the specific timeframe of 2018 – 2021, it’s not guaranteed.

Freedom of speech. Freedom from the tyranny of central banking.

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