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I created this blog in order to inform others about ongoing events relating to freedom of speech, financial matters, and anything else on my mind that might be of significance to the average reader. I will create a new post every 7 – 14 days, usually on Tuesday or Friday.

In school, I studied rhetoric, public relations, psychology, and philosophy.

I learned that almost all media outlets today exist under the control of five major corporations. Anything they don’t want you to hear gets filtered out and never reaches mainstream channels. The news doesn’t provide real news.

I also learned about something called agenda-setting theory. This theory posits that while media may not control what you think, they can influence to a significant degree what you think about.

That’s why independent sources of information are so important. They don’t have to conform to the corporate agenda being paraded as the ultimate arbiter of truth. Independent writers can choose any topic they wish without risk of being censored (at least for now).

While my writing may at times be relevant to current events, you will also find articles revealing things that traditional media blacks out entirely.

If freedom of speech and freedom of the press are not maintained, all will be lost.   We are already seeing moves toward censorship in many ways.

One topic mainstream media distorts more than any other is economics. People in America and around the world have been greatly disadvantaged by a financial system dominated by a handful of large banks – a situation very similar to the collusion of a few large media corporations controlling the news. For this reason, I write about financial matters.

Take the following example.  The latest generation of Americans entering the workforce will be the first to have a lower standard of living than their parents. And the American middle-class has shrunk to a minority. Many people (other than those who have been effected) have no clue such realities exist. They seldom get reported on the nightly news.

I will always strive to bring you facts ignored by other sources. If a different take on a current event isn’t being mentioned, I will write about it.

Thanks for reading and being a supporter of freedom of speech.

Brian D. Nibley is a blogger and freelance writer based out of California.  He can be contacted at ShadowsFall1@protonmail.com


Freedom of speech. Freedom from the tyranny of central banking.

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