Six insane snippets from the Vegas shooting police scanner broadcast

What happened to coverage of the Las Vegas shooting?

Mysteriously, the tragic events at a country music festival in Vegas one month ago seem to have fallen off the radar of mainstream media. Now we only hear about sex scandal after sex scandal involving Hollywood icons. There have been some rumblings of the US Congress failing to act on regulating bump stocks as if that will somehow prevent these kinds of things from happening in the future. Still, several weeks went by without a single mention of the event by most mainstream sources.

Perhaps there were too many holes in the official narrative of what happened that fateful night. Continued coverage only kept contradicting the facts on the ground. The story made no sense. So many things did not add up.

To illustrate this point, we can do no better than to examine the most compelling piece of objective evidence available: the police scanner broadcast. Eighty-seven minutes and four seconds of police radio chatter reveals more about the Vegas shooting than just about anything else. And upon close scrutiny, it becomes clear that what mainstream media was telling us was not the truth, plain and simple.

I won’t speculate on the motives here. Nor will I look for a trail of clues leading back to who did this. Theorizing will have no place in this post. All that will be covered in the words to follow will involve the exact details of what the police were recorded to have said that night, plus a minimum amount of commentary. No conjecture, no interpretation, no bull.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Six most inexplicable snippets

19:47 – “Confirmed two shooters…”

This contradicts the narrative that Paddock was the only shooter. Was he even a real shooter, or was he a patsy? This is the first time the cops mention multiple shooters. But it is not the last.

20:45 – “Victims going into a pentagram…”

 This is one of the strangest parts of the entire broadcast. Yes, it really says that. Don’t believe me? Go and listen for yourself. It seems to be totally out of context, and I have no idea what the officer who said that was thinking. What motivated him to say that, and what was he referring to? Of all the things that could possibly be said, why this?

There are people who claim that these kinds of events are ritualized sacrifices on some level. These people don’t have a shred of evidence to base such claims on. I never gave a second thought to that kind of talk – wrote it off as the typical Internet chatter. But after finding this passage, I began to wonder if maybe, somehow, there’s a kernel of truth in such conspiracies.

22:34 – 22:40 – “Sunrise with one furniture six enemies shall three cities…”

There’s no possible way to make any sense whatsoever out of this one. I don’t even know where to begin. The title of this post is “six insane snippets from the Vegas shooting police scanner broadcast”. I think this quotation, coupled with the title, speaks for itself.

25:49 – 25:57“Know control about three minutes ago a black duly unknown truck looked like a Chevy…”

26:34 – 26:50 – “…Chevy ripped out of parking lot…”

Here’s something that was never reported on the mainstream news, not even once. Black ops teams have been known to drive black SUVs. Of course, they would be fleeing the scene after doing their dirty work. Yet why did law enforcement not pursue these individuals, no matter whom they were? The cops say a black Chevy ripped out of the parking lot, but they never mention any pursuit. So they just let it go?

39:26 – 39:34 – “we’re going to put a shotgun facing the RV that the suspect is supposed to be in…”

What? The suspect is in an RV? Not only was this one not on the TV, this was not reported anywhere. I’m sure some other fringe tin-foil hat blogger like myself covered it somewhere out there on the Internet. But I sure as hell haven’t heard a damn thing about this anywhere else. Who was this mysterious individual in an RV, and what was he or she doing? Why did they have a shotgun facing the RV? Where was the RV and why was it there? None of this makes any sense.

Vegas shooting gets more and more peculiar

In summary, these six snippets from the police scanner broadcast that fateful night shed some light on the insanity of the official narrative. Just from these few moments alone, it becomes obvious that what mainstream media told us cannot be true in the slightest. At the very least, they have lied by omission. There are a few additional points to briefly consider in order to confirm this reality.

  • The windows on casino resorts like Mandalay Bay are equipped with pressure sensors. The slightest impact upon them sends an immediate alert to hotel security with the exact room number the incident happened on. We have to ask ourselves: how could it possibly have taken 72 minutes for law enforcement to reach the shooter(s) with this technology in place?
  • There were at least two shooters. The police scanner broadcast confirms this, as does the photographic evidence of two windows ten rooms apart being shot out.
  • There’s no possible way one man could have carried dozens of rifles and thousands of rounds of ammo to the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay. They say he used the freight elevator. In any establishment, customers are not allowed to use the freight elevator. Why would they be? If this is true, how did no one find curious the fact that this guy had dozens of heavy bags that needed to be lifted up to his room, even though he was staying there by himself?

So many things do not add up. There are so many holes in the story of the Vegas shooting. We may never know what really happened that night. But we can know with absolute certainty that Stephen Paddock was not the only shooter and that he likely was a patsy. There’s no way he could have gotten the equipment to his room. The real perpetrators probably got away in the black Chevy that the cops somehow decided not to pursue.