Cycles of Crises and Contraction: Astrology

In Cosmos & Psyche, philosopher and cultural historian Richard Tarnas paints a provocative picture of history in an untraditional context: the context of planetary alignments. The entire 500-page book focuses on just a few local alignments within our solar system. By examining their timing and relevant historical happenings, Tarnas provides compelling evidence for his amazing assertions regarding astrology.

Not Your Typical Concept

To be clear, the term “astrology” itself has misleading connotations. It tends to conjure images of horoscopes, crystal balls, and arbitrary star interpretations. This is the pop culture form of the term that serves to discredit and condemn any rational inquiry into such matters (interesting how so many areas of new thought seem to be shutdown outright due to some kind of cultural programming – who knows what kind of new fields of knowledge will never be discovered due to such unchanging biases?). So it’s safe to assume most will have stopped reading this by the end of the first paragraph. Be that as it may, much can be learned from gaining an understanding of the concept of astrology. Real, true astrological forecasting, which is not forecasting at all, but rather an approximation of what types of events become more likely to unfold at certain points in space-time.

That last point is an important one. In describing astrological approximations, it must be noted that in no way does this interfere with the doctrine of free will. It merely places restrictions upon it. While certain themes permeate our consciousness at certain times relative to the position of the planets and stars, the way these themes manifest always has to do with our choices as individuals and as a collective.

For a deeper understanding of these ideas one must read the work of Tarnas in its entirety. For our purposes here, however, we’re only concerned with one specific planetary alignment and its potential implications for the immediate future.

The alignment in question is that of Saturn-Pluto. Pluto represents the underworld – intense, titanic forces of upheaval. It tends to amplify whatever effect it finds itself juxtaposed against. Saturn represents trials and tribulations, crises and contractions. These representations derive from the corresponding character of the Greek god associated with each planet. This is not to say that the entire focus here is a fallacy based on Greek mythology, but rather that Greek mythology provides a useful fulcrum point from which to understand this hidden aspect of reality. It stands to reason that the ancient Greeks may have been aware of astrology dimensions that have so far escaped the modern consciousness.

Parallel Universes

The whole astrological hypothesis can be made more real in the context of recent scientific discoveries suggesting the existence of alternate dimensions, or parallel universes as they are often referred to.  For more on this subject, see Our Invisible Bodies: Scientific Evidence for Subtle Bodies by Jay Alfred.

It appears as though the influence of astral (note the root ‘astr’ also in astrology) bodies upon the consciousness somehow occurs either through one of these universes in particular, through multiplicities of them, or perhaps arises as a result of some dynamic interaction between them. The exact mechanism is beyond our comprehension for now, but the relevance to our present period need not be.

Back to Saturn-Pluto. Saturn-Pluto alignments are associated with crises & contractions. For example, the most recent Saturn-Pluto alignments occurred from 2008-2011 and 2001-2004. Observers of economics often note that financial downturns tend to occur about seven years apart.  This is not a coincidence. What they are really remarking on is the Saturn-Pluto cycle, which occurs more or less every seven years. 2008 saw the most epic financial collapse in modern history, and 2011 was punctuated with the “debt-ceiling debacle”, where the American government nearly failed to meet its debt-based financial obligations. 2001 saw the false flag event on September 11th in addition to the bursting of the dotcom stock bubble.

The next alignment begins in 2018 and extends into 2021. These cycles have common themes among them. They also tend to revisit issues that occurred during previous cycles. This time around, we can expect to see the most epic debt bubble in history burst along with the breakout of WWIII. The events during the previous two cycles set in motion what will transpire during the next. Increasing environmental catastrophes are also a surety.

Time Will Tell

In short, everything in this universe moves in cycles. The longest of all galactic cycles for our planet reset in 2012. It’s difficult to deny that this cycle appears to be off to a terrible start. Perhaps life on the planet will reset as well. Given that close to 300 species go extinct each day, it’s hard to argue otherwise. We are in the midst of Earth’s sixth mass extinction event. I have written these things here as a reminder of what will definitely occur at some point. While it’s more likely to happen during the specific timeframe of 2018 – 2021, it’s not guaranteed.

Central Banks & World Control – The Luciferian Link

While the tumultuous events taking place in today’s world may seem spontaneous and inexplicable, the opposite is true. All that is unfolding at present has been planned centuries in advance, coordinated by the same dark forces working in the shadows.            Much has been made of the influence of secretive organizations who, at times, appear to have nefarious intentions, such as the Bilderbergers, Freemasons, Skull & Bones, Tri-Later Commission, and more. It is often assumed that these organizations work independently of another. And in a sense, they do, in that they do not overtly have direct dealings with one another.  Yet they all have elements of Luciferian influence.

Much has been made of the influence of secretive organizations who, at times, appear to have nefarious intentions, such as the Bilderbergers, Freemasons, Skull & Bones, Tri-Later Commission, and more.  Many assume that these organizations work independently of another. And in a sense, they do, in that they do not overtly have direct dealings with one another.

What we cannot see, however, are the individuals who have, throughout the generations, worked in concert by infiltrating such groups. They then influence them in ways that serve their ultimate goal of total enslavement of all humanity. In this way, no one can really see the collaboration.  Any who do will be seen as insane, or as today’s programming would have it, “conspiracy paranoid”.

All of the evidence pointing to that of which I speak lies in plain sight. It has been easily accessible to any who care to investigate for many years now. And yet, a successful propaganda campaign has been employed to paint a picture of anyone who perceives world events (or any event at all, for that matter) as being planned as suffering some sort of mental impairment. For more on this most effective psychological operation, which has its roots in the 1960s assassination of JFK, see “Conspiracy Theory in America”, by Lance Dehaven-Smith.

May Day, 1776

On May 1st, 1776, Adam Weishaupt revised and made public what he referred to as the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. (Note: Revelation 3:9: “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”)

These protocols detail in-depth plans for world domination. They culminate in a Luciferian dictatorship imposed upon what remains of the human race after a grand social cataclysm.

Yes, those who operate in darkness are in fact borne of that darkness – they worship Lucifer as their god, Satan as their savior. And while much evidence exists to demonstrate that individuals who serve this dark god have succeeded to the letter in furthering their goals, here we are only concerned with achieving an elementary explanation of the events unfolding all around us today. In short, they represent the final phase of a plan dating back 241 years, at the very least.

A simple search on for the name “Adam Weishaupt” reveals a great deal about him (not a very credible or in-depth version of research, but again, we are striving for conciseness here). Among the most notable quotations is the following: “I am proud to be known as the founder of the Illuminati”.

So much hype and misinformation surround this name, it’s no wonder that no one takes it seriously. I know I never did. But it matters not what name by which you call it – “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, as Shakespeare said. In this case, the rose is a circle of beings that lack souls, and the scent is that of death and decay. The only important thing to take note of is that current world events are paralleled in the protocols written by Weishaupt, and while his society he called “the Illuminati” may or may not continue to exist, it’s goals continue to be carried out.

Our world is being destroyed, not as a result of chance or simple human irresponsibility, but of deliberate depravity and maniacal intent.

The planet is dying, and the institutional structures of human discourse are being systematically shredded to pieces. Human health is declining, also by design. Poverty is on the rise as a result of the money system that has been invented by those who are of the Luciferian creed.

Central banks are behind so much of the evil in this world, and behind them are the figures that epitomize evil itself. For more on this, see “All Wars are Bankers Wars”.

Wars and revolutions are tools of the Luciferians. So long as we are busy killing each other, we will never realize the bigger picture. How is it that the world is constantly at war, and enemies in one war become allies in the next? Many have correctly noted that wars have economic motivations – money and power, control and wealth.  But are these pursuits merely the result of human greed? Or are the sociopaths in power who we can see directing such events little more than puppets, being used by a power far greater and more insidious than themselves?

“We Will Control The Flow Of Information”

Media reports only those facts that further the corporate agenda, as all media outlets are now under the umbrella of only six corporations.  Those corporations have ties to the big banks, who have ties to the military-industrial complex, who has ties to the central banks, who have their tentacles around every form of human affairs the world over (only three countries on the planet remain that do not have a central bank – Syria, North Korea, and Iran).

Many have noted the interconnectedness of some aspects of these conflicts of interest. But most have never realized the bigger picture behind it all. When taken as a whole, it becomes clear that mere human ignorance and malfeasance cannot create such organized destruction, all edging toward a goal that just so happens to have been stated by those in power – that of a one world government system. In the following five-minute clip, prominent political figures including George Bush Sr., Joe Biden, Henry Kissinger, and others specifically use the phrase “new world order”.


The easiest way to see all of this comes from looking at the stated goals of the Luciferians. When comparing these to world history, it becomes clear that key individuals and groups have succeeded in directing certain events in a manner of their choosing. The exact means by which they have accomplished this is not of primary importance. All that matters now is that as many people as possible become aware of this in order that it can beresisted.

The current division, hatred, and anger fueling much of modern discourse have been instigated by the forces of darkness. The largest root cause for such negativity comes from declining economic conditions. When people cannot achieve a certain standard of living, they inevitably argue about the nature of the problem and how to fix it. They then become divided into opposing camps, and fight each other, never seeing that they are but pawns in a game.

The real cause of all this suffering is and always has been the central banks. They dictate monetary policy and control the currencies and economies of almost every nation on Earth. Again, they do not appear to work in concert, but they have a hierarchy that coordinates them from above – the Bank of International Settlements.

In much the same way, those who worship Lucifer as their god do not work together per se, though that which fuels their actions serves the same purpose. At the top of their hierarchy lies Lucifer, the father of all lies. Beneath him lies Satan, ‘the prince of this world’.

Beneath them lie the humanoid beings with no souls, who sit at the top. And beneath them are all the public figures we can see, who are sociopaths.

Revelation 12:9 states that:

“And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.” (Emphasis added).

Those fallen angels are beyond redemption and are in essence enlightened beings with no souls. These beings hate humanity, borne of an envious rage that our father in heaven gave us the powers we have. They didn’t believe we should have free will or the ability to create. The rebels wanted to rule all of the existence, denying all beings their free will.  So they were cast out of heaven. They became Luciferian.

Whether you believe in God or not, the Protocols are real.  Adam Weishaupt was a real person.  Luciferian worship exists.  And the forces of evil, whether reinforced by supernatural powers or not, continue to increase in their influence.

One of the last lines from the secret covenant of these creatures reads:

“This covenant is sealed in blood, our blood, the ones who from heaven to Earth came”.

The entire Luciferian covenant will be revealed in a later post.