Market Optimism Reaches Record Highs – Crash in the Cards?

When market optimism reaches dangerous heights,  it typically signifies one thing: a crash will be in the cards in the not too distant future. Many indications exist that we have begun to approach the point of peak optimism. Both technical market indicators as well as sentiment seem to be alluding to the possibility of a long-overdue crash being in the near future. For example, stocks have only been this high by historical terms just before previous financial bubbles have burst.
You may have heard this before. In fact, if you read so-called “alternative news” (aka ‘fake’ news) you have heard this meme literally hundreds of times over the last eight years or so.
Yet now, more than ever before, circumstances have primed the financial world for a collapse of epic proportions. It now seems all but certain that sometime during the Trump presidency, we will witness this financial failure.
Make no mistake – this has been a long, long time in the making. Trillions of currency units created out of thin air, and many billions of monetized financial assets later, the stars have finally begun to align in such a way that signifies that time may be running out.
There’s no telling how big this bubble will be blown before it bursts. As host of The Keiser Report, Max Keiser has said, there’s no reason the Dow can’t go to 40,000. There will always be a higher number.
Yet money printing will not always be a solution. Even with trillions created and pumped into the system, the world economy has only been growing sluggishly for the past eight years. The same solution will not work next time around.
According to insider analyst Jim Rickards in his new book, Road to Ruin: The Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis, the elite have already begun preparing for the coming crisis. The Bank of International Settlements warned them as far back as 2014. And they plan to pursue a different strategy this time around.
In short, the financial system will be frozen, and people will not have access to their financial assets. Bank accounts, mutual funds, bonds, stocks, everything…it will all be out of reach. This way, contagion will never have time to spread. In order to solve the problems, a global currency and system will be introduced. The powers that be want to control everything and everyone.
What ways can one prepare for this? There are many, yet a few of the most important involve owning physical silver/gold and virtual bitcoin. Both will serve as hedges against devaluation of fiat currency. While the big banks have been prosecuted for massive manipulation of precious metals markets, bitcoin has been the canary in the coal mine for the collapse of fiat money.  It has recently reached record market capitalization, seeing billions flow into it in a matter of weeks.
What will you do? Sit back and watch as the stage gets set for world financial domination? Or take efforts to insulate yourself and inform others?
Leave your thoughts in a comment below. Is the recent optimism misguided?

War on Cash Escalates, Threatens Freedom & Liberty (part 1)


Do you use cash to pay for things? If so, it may only be a matter of time before you can no longer do so.

With each passing day, our society moves closer and closer to a cashless one. And that has very dire consequences for our personal freedom and sovereignty.

The right to have control over one’s currency must be considered paramount. Those currency units represent the amount of time it takes to earn them. In effect, they represent little pieces of one’s life. Currency equals life.

Now, imagine being denied the right to do with your life as you see fit. Imagine it being under the control of government and banks. Most people cannot imagine this. Yet it has been happening, and will continue unabated if the banks have their way.

Several countries have recently made startling moves toward a cashless society. The pace at which this agenda appears to be moving forward looks surprising to say the least.
India, for example, has seen the war on cash come to its doors. Its government recently banned high-denomination bank notes (see here) 

In this latest development on what has been termed “the war on cash”, absolute chaos has ensued. People have been waiting in lines that stretch across entire city blocks just to exchange their cash for smaller notes they can spend. Just take a look at this short Youtube clip:

In South Korea, the government has decided to eliminate coins altogether, openly declaring the move to be one toward a “cashless society”.

In fact, a whole list of countries exists that have already made significant move towards a cashless society. They remain one step away from total monetary control over their citizens lives.

The war on cash has many far-reaching implications and appears to be part of a larger plan by global central banks to centralize all capital under a single digital domain. This allows for greater control, increased scrutiny over transactions, and total elimination of any personal financial privacy. As we move towards a cashless society, our freedom diminishes.

As our freedom diminishes, so too does our prosperity. America became the most prosperous nation in history because it began as the freest. Now it seems as though everyday brings with it a new deterioration of those freedoms.

Anyone with a conscience cannot stand idly by and watch as a concerted effort by politicians, financiers, bankers, and oligarchs pushes us onward toward serfdom.
Take a stand and fight back in this war on cash, by committing to use cash to pay for goods and services whenever possible.

What will you do? Sit back as your liberties get chiseled away, or make any attempt possible to delay this system of control being forced upon us all by globalists and bankers?

Leave a comment below regarding your thoughts.

Media Madness, Mind-Control, Mainstream Losing Credibility



Mainstream media has lost all credibility in the eyes of the people. After relentlessly attacking Trump while downplaying the criminal activity of Clinton, many more people now see the bias inherent in coverage provided by the big networks.

Other sources of information

So where will people turn for their news? Many alternative sources exist online. They have collectively become known as the “alt-media”, and they claim to be an alternative to mainstream news sources.

While much value can be found in such sources, a bias exists there as well, albeit bias of a different nature. One will typically find fear mongering among this media, some of which even goes so far as to be labeled “doom porn”. The reference implies that some people get off on reading about the impending destruction of the world.

Some sites, such as, are more prone to this type of information (or disinformation) than others., for example, has a generally upstanding reputation for being a respectable website for financial news. Yet even there, one can find substantial amounts of “doom porn”, with comments on certain articles even alluding to such a thing.


In the case of, an attempt is made to make certain truths appear crazy by mixing them in with bits of obvious disinformation and hysteria. In addition, some have even claimed this to be a fear-based mind control program, one designed to get people to revolt. Their reaction can then be used to discredit and demonize those who hold similar views.

The fear-based mind control works with two components: a fear loop and a hope loop. The fear loop gets one to perceive an evil “out there” that becomes responsible for all of one’s problems and all of the world’s injustices. The hope loop then places the solution or answers to the problems on a certain individual or group who can “change things”. This combination makes the individual likely to lose sight of their sense of self and get lost in the grim realities, the fear, the paranoia, the hollow calls to action. Those who act out tend to do so in violent or aggressive ways, reinforcing a certain perception about anyone who sees similar realities.

The classic example of this involves the term “conspiracy theory”. This term gets used often to discredit anyone who dares question the official narrative of anything. Ask even the simplest question about, or provide simple objective evidence to the contrary of any such narrative, and one gets labeled a paranoid conspiracy theorist. [The words paranoid and conspiracy have been cemented in the minds of the masses as shut-off valves for the flow of information.  Associate either word with a particular subject or narrative, and all thinking shuts down.]

Bias Exists Everywhere


In short, be aware of the bias inherent in all news sources. Know that some are more biased than others. Russia Today (RT), for example, exhibits certain pro-Russian biases yet has substantially less censorship and overall bias than most other big news outlets. Don’t trust anything until you have cross-referenced it with multiple sources. Always look into everything for yourself, rather than accepting a single source as infallible. Yet be aware of your own biases, such as confirmation bias, by which an individual seeks out information that only confirms their chosen preconceptions, and denies all evidence to the contrary.