Brazilian Revolution

Demonstrators protest against Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday, March 13, 2016. Brazilians are taking to the streets for a day of nationwide protests against embattled Rousseff. (AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)
Demonstrators protest against Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday, March 13, 2016. Brazilians are taking to the streets for a day of nationwide protests against embattled Rousseff. (AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)

If you watch mainstream news, you might not even have heard about the recent rioting in Brazil.  In short, the Brazilian economy has been in big trouble for many months, and while the people witness their purchasing power decrease, they have begun to get very angry.

At last, they have begun to revolt against their own government.  While this ought to be hailed as a good thing, and at minimum a step in the right direction, Zerohedge takes a different tone.  A tone that tends to mock those seeking freedom.

The following comes from a recent Zerohedge article:

“…said Christopher Garman, the half-Brazilian head of country analysis at political consulting company Eurasia Group in Washington. “The notion that a new government can easily turn the corner on this crisis is overstated.

First off, who is this guy, and why do we care about his opinion?  What vested interest might Eurasia Group have in this ordeal?

And second, what are Brazilians supposed to do, just take it lying down?  “All this revolting business is absurd, people must learn to be looted and like it”.  Who said the corner could ever be easily turned, anyway?  It’s not easy.  But it would be a lot easier if people shed their slave mentalities and wanted to fight the powers that be instead of each other.

The criticisms leveled against certain alternative media sources such as Zerohedge can be substantiated in some ways.  For example, the whole “pessimism” complaint.  Articles like this do in fact conform to that criticism, since the overall tone denotes a sense of helplessness.  Any potential solution gets ridiculed to no end.  Resistance is futile.

Overall, while alternative news focuses more on obscured topics of importance, it also seeks to put its victims in a state of psychological fear and helplessness.  All this while the mainstream media does the converse: focusing on mainstream topics of little importance, while seeking to put its victims in a state of distraction, apathy, and of course, fear (albeit a more mild variety than that of fire & brimstone, doom & gloom media).

Then you have those who blur the lines between mainstream and alternative.  Take Michael Snyder of, for example.  He warns people of what’s really going on in the global economic & financial system.  His website has become very popular, and profitable.

According to himself, Michael Snyder was just an average law school graduate in D.C. before he took up blogging full-time and began to make a living at it.  He now lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and children.

He truly can be considered a modern American success story.  I hope this website one day achieves a tenth of the popularity and traffic that does.    Maybe one day he will let me write a guest post for his blog.



Political Freedom

In America today, our democracy has lost all credibility.

In 2004, for example, more people voted for Al Gore than for G.W. Bush, yet Bush still became president.  A link to that info can be found on another site of mine.

On my other blog,, I explained in a recent post how Hillary Clinton has already won the 2016 Presidential Election by default.  She has won due to the way the electoral college system functions.  No other outcome appears to be possible.

All that aside, there remains little difference between any candidate in either of the two major parties.  Yes, they all talk nice, depending on who you worship and admire.  Yet in the end, does anyone expect that a Republican or Democrat will enact change that previous R & D’s have not?

The climate has turned ripe for the burgeoning of new political movements.  Look at Europe, for example.  Populist parties have become very, well… popular.  They propose breaks from established traditions that have led entire populations into stagnation, poverty, despair.  This resonates with people who find themselves coping with such a reality.

Likewise, the rise of “outsider” candidates (funny, considering anyone within the two major parties cannot be an outsider) in America reflects similar frustrations.  In America, the only legitimate third-party option today remains the Libertarians.  John Mcafee, creator of Mcafee anti-virus software, will be their candidate for this year’s election.

In the near-future, other parties will rise to legitimacy.  Among them include Twelve Visions Party, one which proposes a new paradigm of government altogether – one that pushes government into the marketplace, thereby eliminating its coercive power through initiatory force.  The free-market competition created by such a political paradigm will drive prices down in an instant, through rapidly advancing new technology, raising standards of living for all.

No matter one’s political orientation, it seems clear that a break from tradition will be in the cards in the new future.  And as of the last few decades, a distinctive trend of totalitarianism, social, and tyranny has taken hold of American politics.  Many have become aware of this, and outraged.

Soon opportunities will prevent themselves to alter the established power structure.  The establishment understands this, and continues to wreak havoc around the world in one last futile attempt to maintain control.  They will ultimately fail.