Alternative Doctors Assassinated


What you’re about to read will be very disconcerting for readers unfamiliar with the story.  Something strange has been going on for the past year.  It involves a string of unexplained murders, the common denominator between many of them being doctors who practiced so-called “alternative medicine”.

In other words, people who had freed their minds from the indoctrination of their establishment education.  Geniuses who had chosen to think for themselves rather than be led by others.  You know….”conspiracy quacks”.

The vehement usage of terms such as “conspiracy”, “quack”, “nut job”, etc., reveal the intense need for these events and any who speak of them to be discredited.  In any piece that asserts these deaths were random, one will find all of the above terms used again and again.

Throughout this article, many links will be provided to both sides of the argument.  Much information will be archived here in order to record what has happened.

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To begin, note that a Facebook page has been created for the sole purpose of covering these events.  Many people have shared relevant information there.

The following eight-minute clip also reveals very much.  Erin Elizabeth has been covering this story from its outset, and shares important insights.

I’m writing this article using a peculiar technique for reasons that cannot be articulated, for that would ruin their effectiveness.  Bear with me here.

Another website that has written on the subject:  Evidence appears to be mounting.

Yet the most comprehensive and illuminating evidence yet appears to be found here.  From this piece, I will select a direct quotation.  Then I will leave the reader to their own interpretation of these events.  Note that not once have I made any suggestion as to how these crimes were committed, who committed them, under what circumstances they happened, what the motivations may have been, what, if any connections between them exist…nothing.

Note the following excerpts from

” Dr. Bradstreet was known for his controversial research and treatment of autistic patients. Three days before Bradstreet died, the FDA along with Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency raided his office. The government officials were interested in his “use of GcMAF [Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor] with autistic patients in his clinic”.

According to the Daily Mail, also under scrutiny was Bradstreet’s use of “chelation therapies” (3). Many considered Bradstreet a leading pioneer in the alternative treatments for autism and cancer. His family and those who knew the doctor rejected the ruling that Bradstreet committed suicide. In fact, a GoFundMe campaign was created to assist in a private investigation into his death (4). “

The article takes caution not to suggest any foul play.  Yet if one reads on, it becomes clear that most of these doctors had been practicing revolutionary and controversial treatments for some of humanity’s most burdensome diseases.  That appears to be the only concrete common denominator.  Along with the fact that almost all the deaths happened under mysterious circumstances – for example, a gunshot wound to the chest being ruled a suicide.

Freedom will ring as the truth comes out.  Reality cannot be obscured for long.  Please share this article and leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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