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Ted Cruz has won the state of Colorado and all its delegates without a single vote being cast. That appears to be the antithesis of freedom.

Not that a constitutional republic ought to rely much on its elected representatives. Yet when the election doesn’t even bother to be rigged, it simply ceases to exist, one struggles to find an adequate explanation as to how this kind of thing can happen in the land of the free.

One answer involves a media conglomerate that camouflages the truth with steadfast resolve.  Nearly every single article one reads on the subject of this Colorado caucus reads the same: “Cruz followed the rules, it’s not fair but neither is life, Trump and anyone who felt they had a right to vote for him is a cry baby”.  If you don’t believe me, you can find that actual tone here, here, and here.  It can be difficult to discern reality in a world where most media is controlled by a handful of people.  Yet freedom still reigns.
The only place any semblance of freedom remains lies within cyberspace – the only domain not under direct control of anyone. And thanks to that, at least the story and its impact can be communicated across blogs and social media. For if it were not the case, many might never even have heard about this unearned-delegate fiasco.

The Washington Post only covers the story because Drudge report covered the story. And somehow they manage to spin it in order to make the fact that Cruz won without an election seem fine and normal:

“If it was just Trump complaining about the “crooked” system, it would seem like sour grapes from a guy who got out-hustled. But The Donald’s allies in the right-wing media, including Drudge and Breitbart, are trying to make Cruz’s wins seem illegitimate in the eyes of the conservative base. If Cruz wins the nomination at a contested convention in Cleveland, he will need these grass-roots activists to rally around him. If regular Drudge readers believe he did not win fair and square, they will be less inclined to do so.”

Oh, now I understand. People who report on the reality that mainstream pundits refuse to acknowledge are just peddling fiction. “Trying to make Cruz’s wins seem illegitimate”…does anyone really have to put forth such effort? Those wins appear illegitimate all by themselves. It seems as though any attempt at stating the obvious would be wasted effort.
And therein lies one of the most often utilized rhetorical tactics of conventional media today: hollow accusations based upon baseless assertions, used to paint an overgeneralized picture of certain people or events.

Interestingly, The Post even manages to involve Ayn Rand in all of this. They cite Donald Trump’s reference of Rand’s book: The Fountainhead. I will include the positive part here:

“ Bottom line, Roark is a self-centered individualist who steadfastly refuses to submit to the will of others. “He is presented as the author’s version of an ideal man — one who embodies the virtues of Rand’s objectivist philosophy,” the CliffNotes character analysis explains. “Roark is an example of free will — the theory that an individual has the power, by virtue of the choices he makes, to control the outcome of his own life. A man’s thinking and values are not controlled by God or the fates or society or any external factor — but solely by his own choice.” “

Notice how they placed emphasis upon that first sentence. When taken out of context, that sentence reminds the reader of Trump, creating the appropriate association. Rather than focusing on the positive aspects of Rand’s work and philosophy, it gets used against anyone who admired her insights. As if anyone who aspires to individual liberty and autonomy must be evil, by definition
And many people implicitly believe this line of reasoning and all rhetorical tactics that proceed from it for one simple reason. It protects their own established worldview and beliefs – no need to pursue life, liberty, and happiness if people who do so appear to be demons. The mediocre becomes the norm. The establishment becomes God. And the state becomes superior to the self.
To be free, individuals must place ultimate value on their own conscious minds. Individual life and liberty must be upheld as the most supreme value in the universe.

What do you think?  Did Cruz steal the election in an obvious power grab?  Or was it all just “how the system works”?  Feel free to post your thoughts below.

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